How does HQD electronic Xiaoyan distinguish between true and false?
228 2020-11-12

    Compared with ordinary cigarettes, electronic Xiaoyan has the advantages of no open flame ignition, no tar, no ash, convenient carrying, and one electronic Xiaoyan is equivalent to one or even several boxes of ordinary cigarettes; therefore, electronic cigarette products are very popular and quickly favored by consumers; How to distinguish the real HQD electronic cigarette? Fake and inferior products are harmful to human health. Fake electronic cigarettes are usually cheaper than genuine ones. This is because they contain inferior nicotine and bad ingredients, which is why products above 50% are defective, which can only be seen by users after opening the package.

    With the continuous growth of the global market share and brand development of HQD e-cigarettes, more and more people take HQD brands as their virtual heads every day, products that are not based on quality are produced in some small workshops and flow to mass smoking consumer groups in the global market; Then we can see whether they are true or not from some details!

How to identify whether the HQD electronic cigarette is a truly safe and reliable product;

How to choose high imitation electronic cigarettes to avoid buying fake ones;

How to distinguish it from counterfeits and other issues;


What subtle differences should be paid attention to when buying: how to distinguish the true and false of HQD electronic cigarette?

The number of counterfeits in the market is increasing every day. What is the reason for reaching out to consumers? How can I distinguish it from counterfeit products? The secret of HQD is simple, lower than the official purchase cost. For example, the seller bought a fake HQD at the lowest price, but sold the device to you at the official price. Therefore, he not only made profits, but also "made a great fortune". How to distinguish low-quality products without encountering such scammers, please remember the following suggestions:

1、Please check carefully before opening the package. Then immediately erase the special code on the package and enter the code on the package on the official website. If the product is genuine, you will see an online authentic page with the corresponding message.

2、Scan QR code. To do this, you only need to open the phone camera and scan the code.

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