Extreme Lightweight
Considering different users‘ needs and market survey results, we customize this new product--EOS, a mini version of CUVIE SLICK-- for everyday carry that is fit for every vaper. For those who think CUVIE SLICK is a little heavy or commercial, EOS is particularly simple, compact, and efficient.
  • 2.0ML
  • 9W±1W
  • 500mAh
  • 3.3~4.2V
  • 1.4Ω
  • 600PUFFS
Meet Your
Endurance Requirements
EOS is built with a 500mAh battery capacity,
providing efficient power to deliver 600
puffs, not too much, but enough to get a
satisfying vaping. Such adorable puff counts
make it an excellent backup for users who
already have their kit.
Advanced Color Matching
There are 3 low-key and luxurious color options to perfectly match your work style;
the texture is smooth and comfortable, showing elegance in restraint.
Feel Smooth
And Comfortable
Mini EOS holds mini 2-ml e-liquid, yet enough to
let you savor luscious flavors and deliver intensive
vapor. Undoubtedly, EOS can give you an
immersive vaping experience without suffering
from the same harm as tobacco. Compact and
understated, it also doesn‘t need any adjustment
and slips easily into your bag or pocket. A very
good device for vapers who want to carry it on
the go and try to vape for the very first time.
Strive For
Efficiency And Quality
As expected, EOS continues the high-end
manufacturing process and premium
materials as CUVIE SLICK, featuring strong
dustproof, shockproof, and waterproof
capacity! Yes, this sounds pretty insane!
This is EOS with superb performance and
a smaller size you don‘t want to miss!
The foolproof operation
luxurious texture
The foolproof operation, luxurious texture, and
exceptionally outstanding performance make EOS a
first-rate disposable vape for everyday carry without
worrying about daily abrasion!
20 Rich Flavors To Choose From
Battery Capacity
Input Voltage
Power Range
E-liquid Capacity
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