Super Screen, Superior Visuals
The full front screen displays dynamic patterns and smooth animation for more
immersive experiences. The superior digital screen has greater clarity and more lifelike
3 Power modes
Myriad Flavors
Adjust your power output to give the
best taste possible! Personified flavors
and rich vapor can multiply your
vaping enjoyment in a wide range of
situations and purposes.
Smart Touch Screen
Clicks For All
No button setting, turn on/off the device
and select different power modes in
clicks. Smart touch control system
recognizes operational gestures more
easily and responds quickly.
Smart Analysis
Real-time Updates
The smart program automatically
analyzes your vaping sessions and
updates detailed operating data in
real time, allowing you to stay informed
at a glance. Reliable protection
features put more peace of mind into
your vaping life.
Dual Mesh Coil
Robust Performance
HQD‘s patented mesh coils boast a
stronger heating performance, higher
efficient vaporization and greater
taste restoration. Smart sensors
react to your operations at once and
prevent burning out and dry hits with
temperature control.
Metal Surface
Refined Texture
The simple metal unibody with a matte
coating shows an elegant, low-key
allure. The coolish and smooth surface
excels in weather and stain resistance,
making it tough enough to endure
harsh environments.
Larger Battery, Longer Vaping
The built-in rechargeable battery with powerful output provides satisfying and flavorful 25000 puffs. The
faster charging ability achieves instant vaping enjoyment, so hold it in hand or slide it into the pocket for the
quick-grab spice of life!
E-liquid Capacity
Battery capacity
power range
Charging Port
are you of legal
smoking age?
Age Certification