• Smart
    OLED Screen
  • All-in-one
  • Exceptional
  • Dual
    Mesh Coil
  • Patented
    Core Technolog
Smart OLED Screen
A Real-time Reminder
The world‘s first disposable vape with an OLED screen
displays real-time digital information( oil volume),
making it easy to stay in control.
Premium OLED features wider viewing angles,
energy-saving, higher resolution, and higher brightness. Superior performance and longer runtime
than the same products bring you an unbeatable vaping experience!
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  • ultima
Dual Mesh Coils
Consistent Rich Flavors
Made with Swiss alloy, dual mesh coils with stable
performance and fast evaporation output stronger
heating power and alternately operate by an
intelligent chip program to better deliver consistent
tastes until the last!
The robust heating system
built by myriad tests effectively
evaporates liquid without carbon
Patented Cotton Technology
Puff Counts Increased By 20%
Patented cotton Technology is HQD‘s revolutionary innovation of oil utilization.
ULTIMA PRO is the first product adapting the integrated oil storage cotton, e-liquid utilization
over 95%, and puff counts increased by 20%!
Patented Structural
Design, Activation Speed
Increased By 40%
HQD first applies hydromechanical analysis to structural design,
making outstanding breakthroughs in activation velocity.
Innovative airflow sensor placement increases activation speed by
40%, and combined with customized cotton, the heating system
runs faster and more efficiently!
Upgraded all-in-one Cartridge
Reliable Leak-proof Capability
With its better sealing performance and loading-bearing capacity, the innovative cartridge holds
respectable liquid and thoroughly soaks the cotton to deliver rich tastes without burnt smells. A superb
leak-proof design to keep your all-day vaping without the mess!
Tasty Vaping
Without Waiting
The built-in huge-capacity rechargeable
battery produces an incredible 10000 puffs!
Its ergonomic design brings a customized
user experience and ultrathin shape, super
light and compact to hold in your hand or
slip into your pockets.
High-end Quality
ULTIMA PRO, as an upgraded version, continues the same
advanced CNC technology and integrated crust as its
predecessor --- ULTIMA. Various tests make it tough enough
to withstand any daily operation. The superior performance
and beautiful look make you shine with admired elegance
and dignity on any high-end occasion!
Crafted from aerospace-grade aluminum offering
unparalleled strength, hardness, and toughness, ULTIMA
PRO boasts an enhanced surface against abrasion,
water, and dust from external environments! High-end
materials and fiddly technologies make it perform better
in waterproofing and function well even accidentally
falling into the water!
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