Vaping Soon to be Included in Colorado Clean Indoor Air Act

By Angela Garrity
CBS Denver reports that vaping will soon be included in the Colorado Clean Indoor Air Act.

Currently, the law prohibits smoking in restaurants, workplaces and most indoor areas open to the public. Lawmakers are pushing to amend the Clean Indoor Air Act to include e-cigarettes, as well.

The Colorado Clean Indoor Air Act has been in place since 2006 and does not include indoor tobacco prohibition. The law was amended in 2013 to include marijuana, but also excludes it from its list of indoor use prohibitions.

Susan Weiser, General Manager of the Urban Farmer restaurant in Denver, is among those that support the bill. “Whether it smells like bubble gum or whether it smells like cigarette smoke, it upsets the sensory experience of all of it. That the smell of it is offsetting to rest of guests and we want you to be able smell and enjoy food as we put it out,” said Weiser. Weiser says the bill just makes sense, “If we’ve outlawed the smoking, I mean, why shouldn’t outlaw something like this as well?”

Children’s Hospital Colorado is one listed as of the bill’s biggest backers.

The bill would also ban vaping within 25 feet of public buildings and workplaces, unless specifically exempted. 

Exemptions currently include Businesses with three or fewer employees (or volunteers) who do not allow access to the public, retail tobacco businesses (includes hookah), cigar-tobacco bars opened before 2006 and up to 25% of rented hotel or motel rooms. Outdoor areas of any business excluding entryways, private homes, residences, autos unless being used for childcare or day care, limousines under private hire, and private non-residential buildings on a farm or ranch with an annual gross income of less than $500,000 are also exempted.
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