Various color
The overall style of EZ bar is a huge breakthrough than before, it gives everyone a unique and novel visual enjoyment.We always provide the greatest happiness and satisfaction to everyone in the simplest way.
  • 12 Flavors
    Multiple Choices
  • 600 PUFFS
    Absorbable Quantity
  • 2%
    Salt Nicotine
  • 1.2Ω
  • 400mAh
    Battery Capacity
  • 2.0ML
    E-liquid Capacity
With anti-slip
texture design
It is slightly wider than ordinary disposable electronic cigarettes, but the performance is multiplied.The compact and lightweight design can be controlled in one hand.
Nozzle design
conforms to
usage habit
EZ BAR is small in size and suitable for taking it out on the body, which is very convenient.
To choose your favorite flavor
With sugar substitutes, EZ bar tastes sweet but does not contain sugar.
EZ bar will only bring you good taste, but there is no additional sugar intake.
  • ice mint
    ice mint
    Cool and refreshing taste, the taste of summer.
  • Strawberry Kiwi
    Strawberry Kiwi
    Rich aroma, sweet and refreshing taste, popular with the public.
  • Strawberry watermelon
    Strawberry watermelon
    Intensifies the fruity aroma of strawberry and watermelon for a more comfortable experience.
  • Strawberry banana
    Strawberry banana
    Delicate and refreshing, make you want to take a sip after a sip.
    Feel on the cloud with a comfortable smile.
  • blue raspberry
    blue raspberry
    Intensifies the fruity aroma of blue raspberry berry for a more comfortable experience.
  • blue raspberry lemon
    blue raspberry lemon
    A little more sweetness of blue raspberry and fruity flavor of lemon fragrance.
  • apple peach
    apple peach
    Take a breath and feel its novelty, the combination of apples and peaches.
  • Grapey
    A journey of chasing dreams and sharing the taste of happiness, grapes are definitely everyone’s favorite.
  • lush ice
    lush ice
    The melon fragrance overflows, and the entrance not only has the sweetness of watermelon, but also a hint of coldness.
  • tobacco
    The light tobacco aroma is very enjoyable, and the taste is restored well.
  • Frozen watermelon raspberry
    Frozen watermelon raspberry
    Suitable for long-term use and tasting slowly, this is the taste of life.
EZ bar. delights
you Feeling
EZ BAR. offers the top-of-the-line disposables you‘ve come to expect, powered by a 400mAh built-in battery, supports Type-c charging and includes 2.0ml of pre-filled delicious e-liquid, giving you a premium experience in a stylish and ergonomic mouthpiece.
EZ bar. delights you Feeling
Built into the cabin with a 1.2Ω mesh coil, it delivers a rich, satisfying
taste that lasts longer in your mouth.
Multiple materials
Combining two high-end plastics, aluminum alloy and PC, hot shows multi-layer texture and fashionable appearance Lightweight.
  • Focus on producing high-quality products,Product quality is more secure and guaranteed.
  • Based on natural fruit color, it combines a variety of colors, which is very youthful and trendy.
  • With a non-slip texture design, it can stick to the palm of your hand when you hold it, and it is not easy to fall.
Size: 70.3*41*18mm
Power Range: 7W
Resistance: 1.2Ω
Battery Capacity: 400mAh
E-liquid Capacity: 2.0ml
Packaging display
EZ Bar
10 PCS & 600 PUFFS Disposable
Tip:2.0% Salt Nicotine
are you of legal
smoking age?
Age Certification