Perfect curtain call:The Vapor Expo UK of HQDTECH
The Vapor Expo UK, one of the most The greatest vape expo in the word,has gathered excellent electronic cigarette products from all over the world.
As a new generation brand, we HQDTECH have done a lot of preparatory work.

During the show, we have met with customers from all around the world and exchanged our mind about vape.

According to a recent report from the BBC News, a survey conducted by the British Smoking and Health Action Organization (ASH) in 2018 showed that the number of e-cigarette users in the UK exceeded 3 million for the first time, which is 4 times that of 2012. There are three main reasons why smokers use e-cigarettes: 62% are to quit smoking, 11% are like e-cigarettes, and 10% are because e-cigarettes can help them save money in this exhibition. One day of VIP Day, channel and VIP customers from Europe and the United States have focused on the two most popular exhibition areas: small smoke equipment and CBD smoke oil visible in the e-cigarette market.

HQDTECH are speciallized in pod system kit, we‘re grateful that our products got a lot of praise in this show.We do believe HQDTECH will continually bringing more and more high standard products to the world in the futures!

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