55 2023-08-25

At the beginning of 2023, HQD formulated a comprehensive plan to expand its presence in the global market through various international exhibitions. By actively participating in numerous local shows, HQD aims to showcase its reputable brand image and establish an outstanding reputation worldwide. Additionally, HQD has gained valuable insights into the evolving consumer demands in different regions by visiting and collaborating with local stores, enabling it to optimize its product offerings continuously. At the International Vaping Exhibition in Verona, Italy, HQD team exhibited a series of groundbreaking vapes, delivering a refreshing experience and enjoyment to all attendees.

Now, Get Into This Wonderful EXPO!

Vapitaly, a renowned professional vaping exhibition in Europe, boasts significant global influence and attracts a vast number of international exhibitors and professional buyers. The grand event brought together hundreds of companies, nearly 10,000 vape lovers, and purchasers from Southern Europe, North Africa, the Americas, the Middle East, and other regions. This show had multifunctional areas that combined music, food, entertainment, and product displays. The live vibe got fired up! Different types of new HQD vapes, especially CUVIE SLICK, EOS and NITA, captured many customers once they were unveiled and became highly sought-after disposable vape options. In addition, an open and inviting booth design enhanced the comfortable product experience for visitors. Strategically placed platforms throughout the booth effectively showed HQD‘s popular vapes, while the enthusiastic and sincere assistance from HQD team members added to the overall event experience.

Over the years, HQD has steadily expanded its role in the international market and achieved a relatively broad market segment thanks to its growing brand influence and widespread recognization. As a top-tier disposable vape in the market, CUVIE SLICK caused quite a stir at the exhibition with its excellent craftsmanship, elegant appearance, and robust performance. It drew many attendees to HQD booth to inquire about details. The event was a feast of vapes to show the world HQD‘s powerful R&D strength and technical achievements. HQD, a pioneering company to apply the manufacturing process of iPhone to disposable vape, perfectly represents its unwavering determination in high-quality vaping and major advancements in technological application. Meanwhile, it also has made many new achievements in e-liquid efficiency, taste consistency, structure, and appearance. At the Vapitaly, HQD won praise and cooperation from vape customers.

The remarkable prominence of HQD vapes amidst numerous competing brands can be attributed to HQD‘s patented technologies. It is undeniable that HQD has amassed extensive experience and advanced techniques in the field of disposable vapes to provide practical and efficient solutions for global customers!

Finally, HQD concluded the 2023 Vapitaly Expo perfectly, with many samples selling out and successful collaborations with major customers!  This exhibition absolutely served as a catalyst for boosting HQD‘s reputation in the Italian market while creating new avenues for further growth and expansion.  Moving forward, HQD will focus on innovation, upgrades, and technological breakthroughs to enhance its core competitiveness and product value. Our R&D teams will also reciprocate the support from global customers with premium products and services.
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