Authentic VS Counterfeit? Helpful Tips to Distinguish Them!
123 2023-07-17

As HQD brand influence has been enhancing worldwide, counterfeit products bearing HQD logo are also increasingly emerging. 
This will cause a severe impact on HQD‘s brand image and especially put consumers at a health risk because those illegal and substandard counterfeits from unknown sources are dangerous.
Therefore, in order to protect its rights and interests and public security and health, HQD has conducted campaigns with government officials to crack down on counterfeit products and called on consumers to purchase goods through official channels. Meanwhile, anti-counterfeiting verification has also been upgraded to further ensure a safe environment for product verification and improve customer services and brand protection!

Authentic VS Counterfeit?
How to fast distinguish them? These tips below may help you do the trick!
1. Be careful of the price lower than the official channels. HQD always upholds strict quality standards, so the lower trading price may be a trick.
2. Purchase from official platforms or authorized retailers. This is the most important way to help you get authentic products!
3. Check whether the anti-counterfeit label on the box is complete and clear.
1. Website Verification: Scratch off the label, and type anti-counterfeit code on HQD Official Verification Center:
2. Mobile Phone Verification: Scan the QR code and enter the Verification Center automatically.
3. If the page pops up, "It is your first-time verification," it confirms that the product verified is made in HQD.
The distraught affair between authentic products and counterfeits is a constant battle. Facing more cunning tricks for counterfeit goods, HQD will continue to upgrade anti-counterfeit services to safeguard its rights and interests. If, unfortunately, you have bought fake HQD commodities or obtained clues about irregular sales channels, please contact us. Let‘s join hands to promote e-cigarette regulation! Thank you!
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