Congratulations! HQD TECH has been awarded the "Shenzhen Airport E-cigarette White List Enterprise"
305 2022-11-26

Congratulations! HQD TECH has been awarded  the "Shenzhen Airport E-cigarette Products White List Enterprise" by the mayor of Shenzhen Guangming District, which means the products of enterprises on the White List could be exported without unpacking security checks in the Shenzhen airport.

Shenzhen Airport and the ECCC (the Electronic Cigarette Professional Committee of China Electronic Chamber of Commerce) have fully formulated the Identification Criteria of the Application for E-cigarette White List Enterprise and Differential Airport Security Check, such as the battery, e-liquid, e-cigarette products, etc.

As one of the world‘s leading vape companies, HQD TECH not only fully reaches the standards in vape R&D and production but also has a series of sound systems in sales, ground transportation, and delivery. So, HQD‘s products can be free of unpacking security checks during export inspection procedures. For HQD TECH, it‘s well deserved!

The White List helps enterprises reduce their cost and provides them with more convenient access to the world market, which efficiently promotes domestic firms to deliver their products to global customers and engage in international competition.

Recognized as a Shenzhen e-cigarette white list enterprise is not only an honor for HQD but also support from national authorities for our positive effect on the development of the industry.  

Therefore, with the strong support of Shenzhen Airport and the ECCC to the e-cigarette industry,  HQD TECH will continuously uphold legitimate development and business operations and provide high-quality products with strict production standards.

We always aim to produce 100% premium vapes for the world!
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