361 2022-11-25

HQD, as a global top vape brand, always takes high-quality products as its driver and transmits the products‘ values with advanced technology. 
Also, we‘ll continue donating to the vape industry and produce innovative products with cut-edge technology.  

Furthermore,  HQD insists on building its brand with outperformed vapes and deepening the concept of "quality first," leading the industry‘s development with sophisticated research and technology. Its explosive growth and widespread brand awareness derive from creative and quality vapes. 

Whether for classic or brand new vapes, HQD continues to learn lessons from the past, cross limitations, and promote technological innovation to unleash its potential based on the historical experiences of success.


HQD XXL, the powerful disposable vape, has been HQD‘s bestseller for a long time and is popular around the world.

This disposable device features simple functions, convenient carry, a huge puff count, and 23 flavors, further facilitating everyone‘s life in such a complicated era o technology.

HQD XXL, with an up to 4500 puff count, is hot on media platforms, especially on Youtube, so many YouTubers highly recommend it. And their reviews of the vape have been shared by many vapers. 

So today, let us look at how these YouTubers review this legend.


" We‘re trying a blackberry vape today, I‘ve never tried it, so I‘m very interested to see what the flavor is and how it tastes. Whoa, those things smell nice; I‘ll be honest with you....this is really nice. It got a nice cooling effect it‘s nothing crazy which I like... and the mouthpiece is really nice. I can feel the weight in this... definitely got a solid battery in here..yeah this thing is nice. The flavor is really good on the vape, the blackberry is very interesting.....I really like it, it‘s really smooth ..."


" XXL is a fantastic name for disposable vape........ it‘s pretty awesome...it reminds me and it kind of feels like a traditional tube-style device...some pod vapes can sometimes feel and look a little cheap because of the plastic but this is made of some type of metal. ...The mouthpiece in my opinion is my favorite, the round tip is always fantastic. .....To myself, I enjoy it too much...."


" Oh right.. nice. ...The device looks like the actual material, some type of aluminum it does actually have quite a bit of weight to it. .....very very nice got a little shiny shimmer to it....oh blackberry interesting..interesting...Definitely like a very very tight mouth to lung. It‘s actually pretty accurate to an actual blackberry......it‘s not that bad at all these actually not much ice to it ... I don‘t like super super super cooling, but it‘s just enough to make it smooth..."
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