Don‘t miss out on these outperformed vaping functions.
389 2022-11-12

As an innovator integrated with technology and fashion, HQD is actively presenting itself on the world stage with top quality and dazzling colors, sharing an upward lifestyle and conveying humanistic characters and aesthetic connotations of different regions.

The world‘s leading disposable vape brand, HQD is popular in more than 100 countries around the world as well as its high quality awarded one of the world‘s top ten vape brands.

Disposable Vape is sophisticated and convenient for everyday carry, which could be fast to be accepted and used by most people with its easy operation and simplified function.

HQD adheres to pursuing perfection in vaping in the process of Research & Development and conveying its products‘ values through advanced technology over time, bent on creating top leading e-cigarettes in the world.

Every craft for those compact e-cigarettes with easy operation is absolutely delicate and professional. And all of HQD‘s successes should ascribe to years of pursuit of perfection and innovation.  

Only could the quality product be built to last, and named as classics. To define exceptional products is not their size but the spirits of craftsmanship and quality.

How to innovate products, design more practical functions, or satisfy customers. HQD strives to find the answers through deliberation and verification for years of development. 

Also in this process, more excellent HQD vapes have been produced, standing out from global top brands and presenting on the world‘s stage.

Buckle Ring--BOX

Fashion Design, Chic Style

Buckle Ring Function, Aesthetic & Practical 2-in-1

Instant Enjoyment, Free your hands

Child Lock--LUX

Made for families with children

Guess where the switch is?

A simple and hidden rotary tail switch

"Twist the metal ring at the bottom and align it with the vent to enjoy.

Prevent children from accidentally triggering it, taking it home without worries!"

Intelligent Function--WHALE

Explore the essence of design, 

Straight to the ultimate creation

Auto turns itself off if not used after 10 minutes 

Get you double safety

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smoking age?
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