HQD won the 2022 "Vape Valley--Exporter Excellence" award!!!
92 2022-06-23

“The Sixth E-cigarette Industry Standard & Compliance Conference(ECISCC) and the E-cigarette Export Trade Development Conference(ECETDC) hosted by the ECCC(Electronic Cigarette Professional Committee of China Electronic Chamber of Commerce) was held on June 15, 2022. " HQD was horhored to win the "Vape Valley--Exporter Excellence" award!!!

In order to better serve e-cigarette enterprises, promote industry self-regulation and compliance development, create a good environment for high-quality exports, develop oversea markets and recognize the outstanding export company, the Sixth E-cigarette Industry Standard & Compliance Conference(ECISCC) and the E-cigarette Export Trade Development Conference(ECETDC)" hosted by the ECCC(Electronic Cigarette Professional Committee of China Electronic Chamber of Commerce) was held on June 15, 2022, in JW Marriott Hotel, Baoan District, Shenzhen, China.

944 people from more than ten countries and regions around the world engaged in the conference, including officials from embassies and consulates, leaders of overseas industry associations, economists, tobacco experts, business representatives, and news media representatives, and nearly 1 million people attended the meeting online.

Adherence to the standard & compliance development

This conference detailed industry standard development propaganda, export services, e-cigarette committee reports, etc. Besides, more content about standardization and high-quality development of the e-cigarette industry was discussed by leaders from government departments, representatives of e-cigarette committee enterprises, industry experts, and various export service providers.

The conference proposed that as e-cigarette enterprises, we must firmly support the requirements of the State Tobacco Monopoly Administration on promoting the legalization and standardization of e-cigarette industry governance, and always adhere to the principle of "National interests first, Consumer interests first".

Also, the corporations should actively develop the international market, and make due contributions to the country‘s export and foreign exchange earnings.

The ECISCC that significantly effects in regulating industry compliance gives a full play to the role of bridging the gap between enterprises and regulatory agencies at this meeting, which impels e-cigarette enterprises to enhance their awareness of service, strengthen self-regulation management and regulate their behaviors.

E-cigarette Export Encouraged Actively 

With the promulgation of the "E-Cigarette Management Measures", and "E-Cigarette" the two national-standard policy documents, the e-cigarette industry has gradually entered the era of standardized development in China. And under the correct guidance of them, China‘s e-cigarette industry continues to maintain a good momentum of development in the aspect of export.

In 2021, the global e-cigarette market reached $80 billion, exports ¥138.3 billion, an increase of 180%. In 2022, the global e-cigarette market will exceed $108 billion, and China‘s exports of e-cigarettes are expected to be ¥186.7 billion in total, a growth rate of about 35%.

The First "Vape Valley Award" Ceremony

The First "Vape Valley Award" ceremony was held at the conference to recognize the outstanding export enterprises and encourage more e-cigarette industries in China to go overseas. The Vape Valley Award ceremony set up four types of awards including the special contribution award for 20-year industry export, exporter excellence award, emerging export enterprise award, and outstanding supply chain enterprise award.

Only 64 e-cigarette companies in China were honored to win the awards.

HQD, as one of 64 e-cigarette enterprises, got the " Exporter Excellence" Award in the ceremony. Everything wasn‘t always easy but it‘s worth it. HQD has been developing rapidly since its establishment, making it fast to occupy the global market. Also, HQD brand vape businesses have covered Asia, Europe, America, etc., and more than 100 countries worldwide. Absolutely, HQD has become the top vape brand in South Korea and Russia, and the third in the United States.

This award is not only one kind of affirmation for the development ability of HQD over the years, but also the adamant support for the idea of "innovation leads the future", greatly encouraging HQD to become the global top leading vape brand, and to make a greater contribution to social and economic development.

In the face of the development of e-cigarette in the future, the President of ECCC, Wang Ning believes that although it has encountered difficulties, e-cigarette industry still possesses a brilliant future, and ECCC will continuously support the development of it. Let more "Made in China" and "Made in Shenzhen" reach the world!

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