Continue to check high imitation counterfeiting, the total value exceeds millions
224 2020-10-14
     As a well-known brand in the electronic cigarette industry, compared with other well-known products in other industries, HQD also cannot avoid being invaded by counterfeit goods;
     Counterfeit and highly imitated electronic cigarettes flow into the global market, which will not only harm the counterfeit brands, but also pose a great security threat to the health and experience of consumers.
     HQD strengthens strict control, for this reason, HQD three points will never change:
First, not only do their own duties, but also strengthen cooperation, multi-party linkage to live a chess game
Second, the role of HQD professional team, in accordance with the principle of no reduction in team, no reduction in funds, no reduction in strength, continue to send professional team to cooperate with the business sales department to strictly control the network and offline market counterfeit sales points, further improve the self-hitting ability and keep the high-pressure situation of hitting when exposed;
Third, the role of regional cooperation, focus on information sharing, cut off channels, joint investigation, joint pursuit and other aspects, strengthen cooperation with distribution agencies, promote the market joint anti-counterfeiting action to achieve new and greater results.
     Anti-Counterfeiting is a protracted war. As long as counterfeit high imitation exists in the market for one day, HQD‘s investment in anti-counterfeiting will never stop. 
According to the wiring report, a large-scale counterfeit production site of HQD electronic cigarette brand products with high imitation was found somewhere Dongguan , and tens of thousands of packages, semi-finished products, accessories, raw materials, etc. needed for production were found. It is understood that, this counterfeit spot, knowing that HQD belongs to the brand of Shenzhen hanqingda Technology Co., Ltd., produces a large number of fake and inferior products that do not meet the safety standards and food safety standards, the flow to the market has buried unsafe factors and bad experiences for consumers when using it. What is more serious is that it has affected the image and brand culture that the entire HQD brand has built hard in consumers and the market;
    After two-way investigation, investigation and evidence collection, cooperating with relevant government departments such as industry and commerce to eliminate a number of criminal gangs that use network social media to manufacture and sell fake HQD brand electronic cigarettes and illegally operate and produce HQD electronic cigarette products, the number, scale and amount of the products involved are quite large and have been handed over to relevant departments for serious treatment.
    In order to implement the whole-network work deployment of HQD brand anti-counterfeiting in 2020, safeguard the market order of HQD brand, highlight the focus of work, go deep into the operation clues, realize accurate investigation and strike, and give full play to the role of systematic investigation and supervision mode, the joint distribution Agency and Network investigation department will conduct irregular inspections on the online and offline of the whole network line. Once found, they will be dealt with seriously. If the circumstances are serious, they will be handed over to the industrial and commercial department and will not be tolerated.

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