Maintain HQD brand image!Eliminate counterfeit products!
232 2020-09-28
In order to maintain the company‘s brand image development and user security experience
-- HQD brand anti-counterfeiting records

HQD is committed to providing customers with the best VAPE experience through high-standard security experience products and considerate services. We focus on research and development, when the CAMA suite, the first POD system suite with digital screen, goes to the world. Independent brand.
Since 2018, the HQD brand has rapidly grown into a world-renowned brand in the electronic cigarette industry in a high-speed development mode. HQD belongs to the brand of Shenzhen hanqingda Technology Co., Ltd. It not only focuses on design and quality, we are also committed to establishing close and stable relationships with domestic and foreign distributors; Listening to customers‘ requirements, striving to bring the most advanced products and high-quality services to our customers, making our products more innovative, intelligent and scientific;

       HQD has spent a lot of manpower, financial resources and resources in product research and development and marketing to achieve today‘s achievements. The domestic HQD counterfeiting dens have seriously affected the development of the company‘s HQD brand, it has caused serious adverse consequences to the customer‘s use experience! Therefore, we will resolutely crack down on the counterfeit market. In addition, we strictly control the global market, focus on supervision, market and accountability, and ensure that there is no dead end in the production quality and management of products, work is in place one by one.

Strengthen strict control
The anti-counterfeiting work focuses on forming a joint force in all aspects, with heavy and iron fists. To do this, HQD does three things:
First, not only do their own duties, but also strengthen cooperation, multi-party linkage to live "a chess game";
Second, the role of HQD professional team, in accordance with the principle of no reduction in team, no reduction in funds, no reduction in strength, continue to send professional team to cooperate with the business sales department to strictly control the network and offline market counterfeit sales points, further improve the self-hitting ability and keep the high-pressure situation of hitting when exposed;
Third, the role of regional cooperation, focus on information sharing, cut off channels, joint investigation, joint pursuit and other aspects, strengthen cooperation with distribution agencies, promote the market joint anti-counterfeiting action to achieve new and greater results.
Data show that since 2019, HQD has seized the largest production point of counterfeit products, counterfeit HQD brand electronic cigarettes of tens of thousands, packaging, LOGO and so on. In addition, we also found fake dens and mechanical equipment, and the anti-counterfeiting effect was remarkable.

Strengthen the brand mechanism! Protect the interests of HQD brand by law
The most powerful and effective method to crack down on counterfeiting is to investigate and deal with the case until the arrest and punishment are carried out. Only when the case is really beaten or hurt can the crime of counterfeiting be effectively deterred. To this end, HQD cooperates with the Industrial and Commercial Bureau and other relevant departments to achieve the goal of not only ending the dens and breaking the source, but also breaking the network and catching the principal criminals, thus further improving the strike efficiency.
To this end, we should not only vigorously mobilize the masses to report and crack down on counterfeit goods, establish an incentive mechanism, unblock reporting channels, and make counterfeit and counterfeiting activities nowhere to hide; We should also vigorously develop HQD brand effect, and solidly promote "product anti-counterfeiting means, three major promotions of patents and markets. Make counterfeiting have no living space, no market and no selling points.
At present, after continuous crackdown, HQD electronic cigarette brand counterfeiting has been preliminarily curbed. At the same time, there are new situations and problems such as scattered and sporadic, concealed and networked Counterfeiting. The tasks of anti-rebound, anti-backflow and anti-diffusion are still arduous. In the future, HQD will continue to collect data, implement anti-counterfeiting responsibilities, cooperate with relevant departments to continuously increase anti-counterfeiting efforts on the front line, deepen comprehensive management, and strive to achieve long-term stability of HQD anti-counterfeiting.

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