Breaking news "HQD has submitted application for PMTA certification"
351 2020-09-03
    In order to ensure that HQD e-cigarettes can be sold as legal tobacco products in the United States to meet market supply needs, promote brand effects, and develop a global strategic position, the products submitted for PMTA certification are as follows:

      In order to be PMTA certified, the HQD brand team has carried out comprehensive and in-depth deployment, covering product details including the size, structure, design, performance parameters and oil storage tanks. We strive to optimize the quality of raw material supply, ensure that the chemical substances discharged under normal conditions meet the specified standards, and the emissions are safe and harmless to humans.

      Battery safety documents: proving that the battery will not explode under any circumstances. Optimize the production and management of an enterprise, including but not limited to employee training, management and supervision, product design and quality control, supply chain management, product testing, customer complaint management, correction and prevention of defective products and non-standard operation.

       In recent years, government controls on electronic cigarette, a new substitute for traditional cigarette, have become more and more strict around the world. HQD has conformed to the laws and regulations globally, and will continue to make contribution to the construction of a sound and healthy development of the e-cigarette industry together with the regulatory authorities of governments around the world,which is indicative of our positive attitude towards the industry.

      Customers’ feedback is important to HQD. We strive to provide the best vaping experience for customers with the aid of high-quality services and the most advanced products which are innovative, intelligent and scientific.

【First, What is PMTA?】

      PMTA, called Premarket Tobacco Application, means that ever since February 15th, 2007, the commercial availability of any new tobacco product needs to be approved by the US FDA, which needs to take full factors into consideration to judge whether this product is appropriate for the protection of public health or not. Only the electronic cigarette products which are benefical to human health will be PMTA certified and allowed to enter the market.

    In July 2017, the U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA) announced the PMTA for the first time, requiring all e-cigarette brands and manufacturers submitting applications before August 2022 to better standardize vape industry.

      According to PMTA, after February 15th, 2007, the legal promotion of any new tobacco product needs to be reviewed and approved by FDA, which needs to consider whether the product is beneficial to public health, involving both smokers and non-smokers, Once qualified, FDA will issue a certificate, naming Premarket Tobacco Product Marketing Orders to related products.

PMTA‘s reviewing items contain the following 9 sections:

1. Qualification

2. General information

3. Descriptive information

4. Product samples

5. Product label

6. Scientific research results

7. Product attributes and production process

8. Internal toxicology studies

9. HPHCS (hazardous and potentially harmful ingredients)

All the above 9 aspects must be reviewed and approved in order to be US PMTA certified! 

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