News "PMTA certification application submitted by HQD passed"
229 2020-09-03
      In order to ensure that HQD electronic cigarette products can be listed and sold as legal tobacco products in the United States, meet the market supply demand, promote brand effect and develop global strategic position, The following products apply for PMTA certification:

      To pass the PMTA certification, the HQD brand team has been fully and deeply deployed. Such as the size, structure, design, performance parameters and oil storage bin of product attributes; Optimize the quality of raw material supply to ensure that the chemicals discharged under normal use conditions meet the specified standards, the release is safe and harmless to human body;
      Battery safety documents prove that batteries will not explode in different environments; Optimize the production management process of the enterprise, including staff training, management supervision, design process and control, supply chain management, product testing & testing standards, complaint management, unqualified products and processes, and corrective and preventive measures, etc.
      In recent years, the control of electronic cigarette, a new type of cigarette replacement product, has become more and more strict in the world. HQD has always followed the relevant laws and regulations of various countries and regions. HQD will continue to make outstanding contributions to the sound and healthy development of the electronic cigarette industry together with the regulatory authorities of governments around the world. This is also a core positive attitude of HQD towards the industry.
      Listen to customers‘ requirements, strive to bring the most advanced products and high-quality services to customers, and make our products more innovative, intelligent and scientific, we are committed to providing customers with the best VAPE experience through high-standard products and considerate services.

[First, let‘s understand what is PMTA?]
PMTA is all called Premarket Tobacco Application. Tobacco pre-listing Application means that after February 15, 2007, the legal listing of any new Tobacco products needs to be approved by FDA, the agency needs to comprehensively investigate whether this product is beneficial to public health. Only electronic cigarette products that conform to human health can pass PMTA certification and be allowed to be sold on the market.

     In July 2017, the U.S. Food and Drug Administration Food and Drug Administration(FDA) announced PMTA for the first time and required all electronic cigarette brands and manufacturers to submit applications before August 2022 in order to better standardize the industry.
     PMTA requires that after February 15, 2007, the legal promotion of any new tobacco products must be approved by FDA, FDA needs to comprehensively examine whether this Product is beneficial to public health (regarding smokers and non-smokers as a whole). After passing the test, FDA will issue "certificate of conformity (Premarket Tobacco Product Marketing Orders)" to relevant products ".
The PMTA review project includes nine aspects:
1. Apply for qualification
2. Basic information
3. Descriptive information
4. Product samples
5. Product label
6. Scientific research results
7. Product attributes and production process
8. Toxicology research in vivo
9. HPHCS (harmful ingredients and potentially harmful ingredients)
The above 9 aspects must be approved to obtain the US PMTA listing license!
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