IECIE VAPE EXPO,HQD- Riding the waves of the vape times
1689 2020-08-24

On August 20th, the 2020 IECIE E-Cigarette Exhibition finally launched in Shenzhen after being postponed for 4 months due to the epidemic!

     Shenzhen International Electronic Cigarette Industry Expo serves as a professional platform focusing on the the upstream and downstream of the industrial chain such as electronic cigarette , e-liquid, electronic atomizers, hardware accessories, batteries, packaging, and key components. Generally, Electronic cigarettes can be divided into three major schools. One is specialized in OEM; another is proficient in interacting with consumers, using the Internet as a medium; the other is original manufacturer represented by HQD, involving development, research as well as production.

    Shenzhen Hanqingda Technology Co., Ltd. has become a leading enterprise in the global e-cigarette industry; It integrates production, R&D and sales and has a full range of products including HQD brand products. The company is committed to providing customers with the best VAPE experience through high standard products and considerate services. We focus on research and development. With COMMA and the first pod kit with digital screen, we are committed to be an independent brand towards the world.

   HQD doesn’t only focus on design and quality, but also strive to establish close and stable relationships with dealers home and abroad. Customers’ feedback is important to HQD. We strive to provide the best vaping experience for customers with the aid of high-quality services and the most advanced products which are innovative, intelligent and scientific.

    The highly anticipated IECIE Global Electronic Cigarette Exhibition gathers almost all the excellent vape brands in China.

    China is the home of the e-cigarette industry, while Shenzhen stands as the main supplier of the production, manufacturing, export and trade of e-cigarettes, accounting for nearly 90% of the global industrial chain. IECIE, a landmark exhibition that has attracted much attention home and abroad, is considered as a feast for the vast number of e-cigarette users.

    IECIE Electronic Cigarette Exhibition & Shenzhen, the world‘s most influential and large-scale e-cigarette expo, started in 2015, covering services from the upstream supply chain of the e-cigarette to the downstream equipment and e-commerce. With 50000 professional visitors from 45 countries and regions, it has become one of the best exhibition and promotion platforms for global electronic cigarettes and heating incombustible products (HTPs) technology and brands.

    In 2019, the global tobacco market space was valued at US $865.4 billion, including US $36.7 billion for atomized electronic cigarette and US $17.1 billion for HNB, with penetration rates of 4.2% and 2.0% respectively, totaling US $53.8 billion, with penetration rates of 6.2%. The atomized electronic cigarette is popular in the United States, the United Kingdom, the European Union, etc., which the HNB is preferred in Japan, South Korea, etc.

    According to WHO, the number of traditional tobacco smokers in the world has reached about 1.4 billion. Kai Wenming, the researcher from New Era Securities said because the electronic cigarettes are addictive and less harmful, they will attract more people who are new to vape and become the perfect substitute for traditional cigarettes.

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